Dear Minister of State, Alain Juppé,Dear Member of Parliament, Dear Chantal Bourragué,Ladies and Gentlemen Elected,Dear Artistic Director of Evento Bordeaux 2011, Dear Miss Angelo Pistoletto,Dear Director of the Van Abbemuseum of Eindhoven, dear CharlesEsche,Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear friends,

Art of the 20th century has found its autonomy; I am convinced that art
today, on the contrary, must be spent in the world, in the
These visionary words, dear Michelangelo Pistoletto, are
yours. If art has become more than ever a social practice,
expanding its scope of possibilities, in line with the participation of
citizens, with the urban reality, it owes much to artists like
you. Alain Juppé was not mistaken in offering you a card
white for this new edition of Evento.

At the beginning of your aesthetic journey, you oppose commodification
of the work of art, which would reduce the works of art to the status of
exchangeable goods. The mirror quickly becomes your trademark:
neutral, irrecoverable, identical to itself, the mirror is indeed the only
object which, precisely, cannot be exchanged. You also produce
“less objects”, which aim to reduce the proliferation of things. In
in the 1990s, in the tradition of the artist Joseph Beuys who created a
political party and a university, you extend the notion of art to the
transfer of knowledge and you found the «Cittadelarte», in you
following in the footsteps of the Renaissance humanists:
Commissioner Harald Szeemann,
must become forms.”

No one better placed than you, the “behavioral provocateur” like
you say it so well, to take the lead of this formidable
urban and artistic experimentation represents Evento. I
can only congratulate Alain Juppé for his choice: with Michelangelo
Pistoletto, with Evento, its guest artists, all establishments
and the very rich network of associations involved in cultural
the city itself that becomes an aesthetic platform, with the
participation of citizens and citizens in shared value. Evento comes
In short, we must remember a simple principle: utopia is being worked on, at
the very heart of the urban fabric, with the participation of all, beyond
only spaces dedicated.

This is the spirit that animates the Place André-Meunier today.
The evolutionary theatre of Ooze, coming from Rotterdam, the Slovenian architect
Marjetica Potrč and the French collective «Bureau d'Etudes» offer us a
multidisciplinary project, atypical, open to all audiences. The hives, the
compost and collaborative gardens, a solidarity grocery store invite in
urban space, showing us that everyone can create their own
urban utopias. A contemporary creation in touch with reality, with
the risk of experimentation.

This spirit that revisits and reinvents the public space, we find it in the
Roots exhibitions, which offer us a great opportunity to
better understand the issues of the urban fact. This is the Van Abbemuseum
Eindhoven, guest in the nave of the CAPC museum of contemporary art of
Bordeaux, under the enlightened direction of Charlotte Laubard, who invites us
to rethink the neighborhood and all the negotiations it involves. This is the
Aquitaine Museum, which invites William Kentridge, Pascale Marthine Tayou,
Marzia Migliora, Michael Blum or Wael Shawky to rethink
historical roots of the city; they are also graphic designers and
representatives of the band’s very talented Bordeaux scene
designed with Stealth, Emil Jurcan and the Arc en rêve architecture center,
unique structure in France associated once again with Evento, which, in
Abattoir, work on a fresco open to our urban roots.

With its three mediation operations proposed under Evento
2011, “mobile city”, the “shared knowledge project” and the “project
mobile» animated by French and Dutch artists, who will irrigate
the entire agglomeration for this experiment open to all audiences,
with the involvement of all the major Bordeaux cultural establishments,
with Le Rocher de Palmer, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, or the
Conservatoire, Bordeaux shows us what to «invest the public space»

Transdisciplinary, free, Evento particularly resonates
with the reflection that my ministry has conducted in recent months on the
shared culture. It was therefore the perfect opportunity for Alain Juppé and me
to sign the Framework Convention for Democratization
between the State and the city of Bordeaux: these valuable tools are
territorial conventions of cultural development commit us in
efforts of the State, local and regional authorities and
associations, in order to give cultural democratization projects the
consistency and visibility they deserve.

The revival of these conventions of cultural development gives us
effect the opportunity to rethink especially the projects of orders
beyond the framework of the 1% called «decorative»: today, in
embracing the evolution of the field of art, we have the means to evolve
towards more thoughtful public commissions of works of art
with urban reality, with citizens, which can lead to
equipment and events whose impact does not drown in
ephemeral. We particularly need it for our policies
It is with this in mind that I actively support
the 1% Grand Paris project, which will enter this new dynamic
as part of the major redevelopment that the capital will undergo
in the coming years. In this, Bordeaux and Evento, precisely,
are a remarkable laboratory, and I want to thank
all the artists and cultural actors who have invested
all their energy in the realization of this magnificent operation at
service of the spirit of experimentation, placing the desire for utopia at the service
of all.