Dear Members of the College and the Commission for the Protection of Rights,Ladies and Gentlemen,

7 months after the start of the Hadopi, this visit was for me
the occasion of a particularly interesting meeting with the members
of this independent public authority. It allowed me to
read the first results of the Hadopi action.

Let’s not dither: these results are largely positive.

With 57 officers whose very strong mobilization I salute, the Hadopi takes
from now on its full dimension as an institution of protection and regulation
creative content in the digital world. What was yesterday a bet
has become a tangible reality today.

The deployment of graduated response, a true pedagogical procedure
and incentive, runs smoothly and within the schedule indicated by the
Commission for the Protection of the Rights (CPD) of Hadopi from this beginning

The sending of the first recommendations is steadily increasing, a
significant second recommendations sent by letter delivered against
signature has already been sent. Recipients are reacting to
and establish a constructive dialogue with Hadopi in
through its call centre that accompanies them in the
understanding and resolving the facts.

As this is a fundamentally educational and non-punitive system,
I attach great importance to the impact of these first two stages
which, if they have the expected effect, could, in fact, render quasiinutile
The idea is not to send the
users in court, the idea is good to make massive use of their
sense of responsibility.

I was also informed that Hadopi’s services had finalized the
technical process expertise protocol implemented by the company
TMG, provider of rights holders, which will be presented for validation then
implementation at the Commission of the protection of rights from the week

Thank you, dear Marie-Françoise Marais, for granting me the
results of the 2nd wave of barometric survey of
These results are particularly enlightening and encouraging.

The first wave of this barometric survey was conducted in
last October before the launch of the graduated response. This new
wave was conducted in early April, 6 months after the launch of the
graduated answer. The Hadopi can give you all the information
of the investigation conducted.

Hadopi is well accepted as the first major result: 50% of
French Internet users agree with the assertion «the establishment of
the Hadopi is a good initiative». 29% are still undecided, 21% do not
are not in agreement. It is clear, clear, and very far from the massive rejection that we
strive to describe.

Second result, the Hadopi is effective and I retained two
- a significant increase in Internet users reporting being prompted by
Hadopi to consume more regularly works on sites
copyright. They are now 50% versus 36% in
October, an increase of 14 points.
- A clear impact of the graduated response in its dimension;
educational: 50% of Internet users say they have received a
recommendation Hadopi, or have in their entourage someone who has it
received, declare that they have stopped using illegally. They are 72%
to declare having stopped or reduced.

An indispensable complement to the graduated response, the encouragement of
legal offers will materialize in less than a month with the award of
first labels by Hadopi.

You told me, dear Marie-Françoise Marais, that 19 platforms and
services have already requested their certification, and that more than one
20 applications are being processed.

I am particularly pleased with the diversity of this first wave:

content diversity first, with 10 music offerings, 5 video to the
request, 3 video games and software, and 1 photo;
model diversity, with highly innovative services alongside
major market players,
diversity of modalities, with free services such as
paid services.

Legal offers are a reality. The Hadopi label will allow better
know them, find them better and Hadopi has planned a vast campaign
The European Commission has been working closely with the Member States on this subject.

Finally, I would like to commend the experiments carried out within the framework of the
«Labs» of the Hadopi, which allow, what is so rare, to the world of
culture and the world of the internet to work together.

This is a major step forward that I want to salute.

Around the 7 independent experts appointed by Hadopi, 70 people
from either of these “worlds” have registered to participate
work. I see it as a sign of a real will to understand each other, to
overcome antagonisms and build a reconciled future together.

I am very sensitive to the willingness to work and listen expressed by the
who have agreed to participate in this experiment. I am
convinced that it is with them that we will find lasting solutions
to allow the distribution of works on the internet in respect of
rights and freedoms.

While the Internet platform dedicated to these Labs has just opened, I’m waiting
with interest the results of the first works, be it the
“BarCamp” on security means, highly decisive subject, which
will be held tomorrow, May 11, or the e-book session
held on 19 May.

The Government will pay particular attention to the work
will be conducted by these Labs, and the conclusions that will emerge from them. Such a
working and research body on such a complex subject and also
evolutionary is valuable.

I would like to thank you and return the floor to Marie-Françoise Marais and
General Secretary of the Hadopi Eric Walter so that they respond to your
possible issues.