Dear Alain LARDET,Dear Friends,

Promoting design is at the heart of my department’s missions. The
design, which was still called «industrial creation» fifteen years ago, if
is indeed related to the world of business, has also acquired a form
of autonomy that puts it on the side of art, and even, in a way, of
thought, in the sense that Leonardo da Vinci could speak of cosa mentale.

Design is an ideal intermediary between art and technique, between art and
life: it is a kind of ambassador of creativity in our
daily. Every year the Designers Days allow to verify it. They
start a new decade: it is a new stage that is beginning
after the exceptional anniversary of your 10th birthday, celebrated by the members of
the Association, by a faithful and numerous public who responded to all the
Rendezvous from the last session.

The goal is to continue this great adventure and strengthen its
outreach. The will that has guided your Association for some
months can be summed up in three words: renew, innovate, deepen
the action that is yours, so that your visitors have more and more
reasons to attend our annual appointments diligently.

I know what this means for those who support you, for
those who accompany you. All your initiatives are carried out
thanks to the strength of conviction and the availability of your members
volunteers and your partners, all key players in the
social visibility of design.

For 10 years, Designer’s Days played its role as a melting pot
a range of audiences, including the following:
professionals, journalists of course, but also amateurs, the
mere curious.

That is why the theme 2011 “Conversations” has a
particular resonance. While retaining what made the specificity
and the success of your event - open and
accessible to all - you wanted to enrich your programming at this
dimension of dialogue and exchange within the City. I like this term
“Cité” means both the living place of the city, a space
urban, but also a citizen space.

It says the exchanges, the living-together of the disciplines, activities,
people, who are destined to be welcomed in the same space – to
the image of the City of Design of Saint-Etienne, that I had the pleasure
inaugurate in October 2009 - in a continuity between the creation, the
research, education of course, but also industry. The spirit of the
conversation is much less about showing a lot of them than about making them
find for others: the one who comes out of your conversation content with self and
his spirit, is of you perfectly» said a moralist like La
Bruyère. Far from contemporary «between oneself», far from virtual discussion
through screens – which are the temptations of our time - enter into
conversation with a speaker, whoever he is, is to open up to him, as much
that he opens himself to himself. It is to create a new form of thought, a
renewed idea from a debate, a disputatio as the
Ancients, who nourish the mind at the same time as it transforms its codes.

Among all creative disciplines, design fully fulfils this role of
catalyst of exchanges. A design object, is it not the translation
exact conversation between a designer, publisher, industrialist or
an artisan? The 2011 edition of Designer’s Days, proposing
“Conversations” as the guiding thread of his journey, will invite you to visit the
shaping dialogues between disciplines, between cultures, between
generations. A concrete witness of the cultural period or territory that has it
born, the design object will pass, fruit of sharing and
exchanges between designers, creators, sometimes artists invited to
participate in the Paris Design Week.

This is why I am delighted that the association Designers Days has
close collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and
Communication and that she has agreed to record in her journey
the exhibition presented in the windows of Rue de Valois, Walkie Talkie.

The windows present the gestation of several design objects, the
various professions that contribute to it and especially the importance of their dialogue.
It is the diversity of methods and universe of actors that makes the strength
design because, beyond this pedagogy, it is the transmission of values
which is on display. And this exhibition shows how the design
brings together economy and culture, that these logics are reconcilable and
can be reconciled. And this with a common goal: to break with the
unifying logic of the global world, enchanting the daily! I
wishes that French design, one of the most dynamic in the world,
can continue to benefit from a sounding board like the
Designers’ Days and continue to promote and promote its culture,
its singularity, in other words this eye on the world that makes all its
originality. The international success of French designers shows how
on the ground of the «screen company», the design cannot be thought and
developed without the values and principles underlying the creation and
artistic innovation: a vision of the world, a poetic look. I
Designers'Days share this vision and ambition.