In keeping with the ongoing reflection on monumental sculpture in the Garden of the Royal Palace, the exhibition «Wind Signals» by the artist Takis opened to the public on June 29, 2011. It invites visitors to discover four Wind Sculptures made by the artist and arranged around the central basin of the garden.

By presenting monumental works animated by the random force of the wind, Takis pursues an experiment that is dear to him. He often said that he produced sculptures and works of art to make the elements of the invisible appear. Recent wind turbines that capture air currents materialize the complexity of these flows.

Born Panayotis Vassilakis in 1925 in Athens, Takis first learned the work of stone from Greek craftsmen. In 1954, when he moved to Paris where he joined the Brancusi workshop for a few months, he began to create «the signals», then made of metal rods. Then in 1960, he imagines his Teleculptures and his language becomes clear with the sculptures Telemagneétiques and Magnétiques. Later the Musical sculptures confirm his fascination for the sound signs that seem to come from other worlds than ours.

It was from 1980 that he began producing these «Signals» in large format which, characterized by their primary colors, invest the outer space.

Takis now lives in Athens; in recent years he has created Wind Sculptures that revolve around an axis driven by the wind.

This exhibition, curated by Solange Auzias de Turenne, is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The exhibition of the Royal Palace is in accessIbre, from June 29 to August 29, 2011, according to the schedule of the garden: 7 am to 10:15 pm.