After the decision of the Court of Appeal dated February 9, 2012 rejecting the application of the Association of Friends of Ivan Tourgueniev, Pauline Viardot and Maria Malibran (ATVM)the Minister of Culture and Communication and the Mayor of La Celle Saint-Cloud decided to implement the restoration project of the Domaine des Fresnes, developed in conjunction with the Fondation Ville et Patrimoine.

On this occasion, the Minister of Culture and Communication, Mr Frédéric Mitterrand, came to visit the Domaine des Fresnes and give his support to the project of restoration of the site on which the State will intervene, under the title of historical monuments, for an amount approaching 20% of the total cost of the work. This project, which will be initiated by the Town Hall of La-Celle-Saint-Cloud, aims to develop the cultural influence of this exceptional place and to allow its very wide opening to the general public.