Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication to Rosy Varte

I learn with emotion the disappearance of Rosy Varte. A great figure of the theatre,
film and television is leaving us, a popular actress, in the most
noble of the term.

His career reflects an appetite for life and a formidable curiosity characteristic of
his personality. From the beginnings of the theatre with Jean Vilar and the Comédie-Française
where she performed the great authors of the repertoire, notably Sophocle, Molière,
Shakespeare, Pirandello and Jarry. She will perform for several Parisian theatres
pieces by contemporary authors, René de Obaldia, Jean-Claude Grumberg or
André Roussin.

With great success, she devotes herself just as much to the comedy of boulevard, the
films and television series that made her very popular with the general public. She
popularisa the theatre on television, participating in the programs «Au théâtre ce
by Pierre Sabbagh, at the «Théâtre de la Jeunesse» and the «Petit Théâtre
of Antenna 2».

This woman remained faithful to her Armenian origins, friendly and very discreet,
more interested in his profession than his fame, will remain for many
the unforgettable Maguy. Several generations of viewers will have been marked
by his petulance, his humour, his exceptional generosity.