Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Robert Party

Having started with Jean Vilar, Robert Party had really begun to make himself known to large audiences by participating in a program that today belongs to the history of radio, La Tribune de l'Histoire by Alain Devaux and André Castelot. He then established himself as one of the most popular actors of his generation by acting under the direction of Robert Hossein, Jacques Mauclair, Georges Wilson and Bernard Murat.

In cinema, Robert Party’s talent was also sought after by the greatest artists: Luis Bunuel, René Clément, Henri Verneuil… Television would allow him to conquer other audiences, by intervening in series or films that are in the memory of all television viewers: Thierry the sling, The new adventures of Vidocq, The cursed kings, The tiger brigades.

In the world of supporting roles, Robert Party was one of the top performers. He was one of those talents indispensable to the success of the finest achievements.