Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Robert Miny

The Cirque Plume and the circus world have just lost one of
their greatest "maestri," Robert Miny, at the age of 58.

Co-founder of the famous bisontine troupe, one of the protagonists
of the circus revival in the late 1970s, Robert Miny
adventures of Cirque Plume, from the emblematic «No animo, mas anima»,
show of the contemporary circus, at the recent «L'Atelier du
Painter», including shows like «Toiles» or «Plic Ploc».

The musical universe of Robert Miny, self-taught artist, accordion and
the poetic approach of Bernard Kudlak,
artistic director of Cirque Plume, with the same sensitivity and generosity
who have won hundreds of thousands of spectators around the world.