Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, pays tribute to Pierre Vaneck.

An actor with a varied repertoire, he had marked cinema, theatre, as
the television of an elegant and nonconformist imprint. Pierre
Vaneck was a seductive face, a familiar and touching look
which I am sure all French people will remember with much
of affection. From his beginnings with Jouvet, Green, Duvivier, or
Avignon Festival, and up to Yasmina Reza, he had found, during
of a career of more than fifty years, an exceptional balance
in a repertoire that is both intimate and popular.
When I think of Pierre Vaneck, I remember the camera
explores time”, by Inspector Thomas in “at the borders of the
possible», the French ancestor of the X-files series, but I remember
also from "South", from "Marianne de ma Jeunesse", from "Sarn", from "Deux
days to kill", "Other People’s Money", "Rock and roll", "Secret"
of "Art" and its so many roles that earn it recognition
and respect for professionals.