Writer, filmmaker, academician and soldier, Pierre Schoendoerffer has left us.

His many creative talents had allowed him to accumulate awards: Prix du Scénario in Cannes in 1965 for «La 317ème Section», Oscar for best documentary in 1968 for «Section Anderson», Grand prix du roman de l'Académie française in 1976 for «The Crab Drum», followed by three Caesar in 1978 for its adaptation. A man of honour believing in fidelity to his family and his country, his righteousness remained a daily requirement.

In his fictions, this rigour was easily found in the characters, modest and tormented by the observance of their morality. His bitter nostalgic heroes, close to those of John Ford and Raoul Walsh, were depicted in their contradictions with unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy.

Sailor, paratrooper, war reporter and prisoner, Pierre Schoendorffer will forever leave the mark of a man haunted by war and its consequences on our humanity.