Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Michel Mohrt

With Michel Mohrt, disappears a very beautiful writer: novelist, essayist, literary and cinematographic critic at Le Figaro, he had been elected to the Académie française in 1985 for the whole of a work placed under the sign of the ocean.

A connoisseur of the Anglo-American novel, an editor inspired by Kerouac, Roth or Styron, he had entered literature in full fashion with the new novel, Brittany at its heart, reinventing the taste of war stories, of sea and exiles, and by finding the lost salt of monologues and dialogues, like a Breton Faulkner.

There was, in this discreet man born with the First World War, who fought courageously in the Alps and knew how to combine with art his double profession of writer and discoverer of talents, a particular quality made of subtlety, of rigor and of this fraternal distance that Jean d'Ormesson called «the charm Michel Mohrt».

The readers of the «Serviteur fidèle» or «La prison maritime», this magical book that received the Prix du roman of the French Academy, know well the travelling soul of this melancholy and tenacious writer who every year, despite the great age, patiently practiced to draw and paint the streets of Venice. To always see better.