Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Michel Descombey.

With Michel Descombey, a great dance star goes out.
As a dancer and choreographer, he left a decisive mark on the
French art scene before rooting its art in Mexico, since
thirty years or so.

Solar figure, unique, in the long suite of directors of the
the Paris Opera, he is credited with creating the Opera’s Studio-Ballet – the
wonderful pool of talents and vocations that we know. It will fly away
then to Mexico, where he founded the Ballet Théâtre de l'Espace in
1977 and will write many works that already belong to the heritage
From Hope to Hope, The Disarticulated Opera, A-Mante
religious in 2006...

France, like Mexico, has been able to honour him and say thank you, again
just recently, to have so wonderfully enriched our two
cultures bound by friendship.