Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Ladislas de Hoyos.

With Ladislas de Hoyos, a consciousness has just been extinguished. That of
great journalist he was, from his beginnings in France-Soir as
reporter of the North and South Americas, then on TF1. He was a great
presenter from 20h to early 1990s, highly appreciated
for his talent, for his character, and for his righteous anger. He does not
never failed to denounce anything that harmed the nobility
of his profession, and generally to humanity.

He was the first journalist to hunt and find
Klaus Barbie in Bolivia. He will have attended his entire trial for
crime against humanity, in Lyon in 1987, making this case
his personal business. He had found on the radio, a
The Days of the Century, where her beautiful loud voice
continued to resonate.

I express my compassion and support for his family, his two daughters
in particular, and to all the inhabitants of Seignosse in the
Landes, where he was also a great mayor.