Jenny Alpha has just left us, she was one of the most endearing figures of Creole culture.

Leaving his native Martinique around twenty years to settle in Paris,
she thought she would become a teacher. Fortunately, for ours as well as for
she did not long resist her passion for the stage. She
will be an actress, singer too. She will cross paths
names of jazz and music hall, Duke Ellington but also Josephine
After the last war, she devoted all her energy, all her
talent in defense and recognition of Creole culture, then
even as Aimé Césaire and Léopold Sédar Senghor
Jenny Alpha will have been thus before the hour a very beautiful figure of this
diversity that is the wealth of France, a France she served
also with great courage in engaging in the Resistance.
In 2008, at the age of ninety-eight, she recorded a new
«The serenade of the lily of the valley». She was a woman of charm
irresistible, of an unalterable youth that will have enchanted us until
his last breath.