With the passing of Jean Giraud, we are losing two great artists, so to speak. There was one who, under his own name or that of Gir, created the wonderful western series Blueberry, long entered the pantheon of the great classics of comics.

And there was another Jean Giraud, equally talented but very different from the first, a Giraud who called himself Moebius; a name from elsewhere, as from another galaxy, and who seemed to belong himself to this other universe that he never ceased to explore from album to album, A fantasy universe, dreamlike, of a captivating and disturbing beauty at the same time. The universe of Arzach and the Incal.

He was one of the very few French cartoonists to have an international dimension, to have influenced his American colleagues and also great science fiction filmmakers. The greatest French comic book author in activity knew how to draw as one writes, he knew how to make sketches and plates of real contemporary mythologies.

A very beautiful retrospective was dedicated to her in 2010-2011 at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. It was aptly called Moebius Trance. Moebius was really one of those masters who change the look of a generation. Through his influence and his brilliance, he made comics the ninth art that accompanied my life, to which the Angoulême International Festival does justice every year and to which I have paid tribute on numerous occasions as minister.