Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Hélène Rochas

Hélène Rochas left us. The one that was immortalized in 1975 by Andy
Warhol as the icon of elegance and luxury, went away without noise. With
the last muse of the great fashion designers and artistic circles of
the post-war period. A whole world of Parisian pomp and festivities disappears
Françoise Sagan, Yves Saint Laurent, Jacques
Becker… disappears the face and wife of Marcel Rochas, the famous designer
from the 1930s to the 1950s, founder of the famous Rochas House. The
took the reins of master hands in 1955.

Because Hélène, then the youngest business leader in France, knew how to develop
Rochas Perfumes and dedicate his entire life to them. After being «Woman»,
her husband’s creation magnified by a bottle signed Lalique, she had
in turn created its own fragrances of white flowers, the iconic
“Madame Rochas” and “Eau de Rochas”.

Today, the brand continues without her, but still with her smile
enchanting. It will continue to light the house and inspire new
generations of stylists. All those, like Marco Zanini, who will put the
beauty and some idea of luxury in ready-to-wear collections.

I express my sincere support to his children Sophie and François, who are losing a
Mother with inexhaustible riches of heart.