Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Gabriel Monnet

One of the great actors of theatrical decentralization comes from us
leave. Gabriel Monnet, actor, director, tireless
servant of a great idea, that of cultural democratization,
was to occur in a few days, at nearly 90 years, with the
young actors of the Montpellier Conservatory.
From the maquis of the Vercors to the direction of the Centre dramatique
the Grenoble National Assembly through the People and Culture network, the
Comedy of Saint-Etienne or the Maison de la culture de
Bourges - one of the first founded by André Malraux -, the
Gabriel Monnet’s journey is that of a free man and an artist
in the service of the great texts of yesterday and today. His
action was driven by the desire to offer everyone the best of the
French and European theatre creation.