It was with great emotion that I learned of the disappearance of Erland Josephson, who passed away on February 25 at the age of 88.

The career of the great Swedish actor was profoundly marked by his encounter and his long collaboration with Ingmar Bergman, of whom he was one of the most subtle and convincing performers.

Erland Josephson had known the master of Swedish cinema almost half a century ago, not behind a camera but on stage, succeeding him as director of the Royal Theatre in Stockholm. In cinema, under the direction of Bergman, he will link his name to films that all belong to the greatest pages of the history of the seventh art: Shouting and whispering, Scenes of married life, Autumn sonata, Fanny and Alexandre...

The depth, strength and humanity of his game had also attracted Andrei Tarkovski, who had staged it in Nostalghia and in The Sacrifice, or Theo Angelopoulos. I greet the man of many talents, not only the actor and the director, but also the one who will have expressed himself with great happiness as a poet and novelist.