Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies passed away on Monday in his hometown of Barcelona at the age of 88.
At the end of his life and a journey marked by an energy that seemed
this giant of the Spanish art scene, this truly inexhaustible
self-taught leaves us no less than eight thousand works unceasingly

In the world of abstraction, which went to the middle of the twentieth century
discover so many new landscapes, Antoni Tapies knew very quickly to impose
his own world. He had the strength and audacity of the precursors. Even before
the Italians of the Arte Povera, he had understood all the advantage he could draw from
the recovery and diversion of the humblest materials: ropes,
string, scrap paper, rags, straw or even a few handles of

With these poor things, he was producing beauty. It was probably the
most amazing mark of his genius.