Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Alexis Weissenberg

With Alexis Weissenberg, it’s a great piano voice that goes out,
an ambassador both prestigious and familiar with the music that we
His talent, augmented by his keen intelligence, exploded in the
versions that he knew how to give the directory, and for which
we have many filmed recordings. Petrouchka from
Stravinski, Schuman, Rachmaninov or Chopin owe him
in a new light our musical sensibility. With
the impetus that came from his Bulgarian origins, he always wanted
give music a special place in our lives, until
transcend the strict boundaries of the classic.

Because the great Weissenberg, the French virtuoso invited by the most
top chefs and the most prestigious festivals, acclaimed by the four
around the world, especially during its tours with the
Paris, the composer himself, also knew how to step back. For
think about your instrument, how best to teach it to
new generations. To testify regularly at the
“Grand Echiquier” by Jacques Chancel, as close as possible to the general public.

I express my great sadness to his family and musical family:
to all the talents he hatched in his masterclasses through the
world, especially in its Foundation, the Alexis Weissenberg’s Piano
Master Class, in Engelberg, Switzerland, where he passed away at the age of
eighty-two years.