Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication to Albert Raisner

With Albert Raisner, he is one of the most friendly and popular pioneers
our television radio that disappears. A voice forever associated with the famous
«Jeu des 1,000 francs» by France Inter. A face forever associated with the
wonderful show «Age tendre et tête de bois», which made happiness but
also the education of a whole generation of young French.
Himself an accomplished musician, familiar with the stage, he had the art of bringing together
around him the most beautiful talents of the song to bring them in and
in the privacy of viewers. In all simplicity and
In the early days of the audiovisual era, he created his own model of programming,
between entertainment and education. Unforgettable programs, today
and orphans, who will remain engraved in our hearts as
so many joyful moments as part of our collective heritage.