Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Madeleine Marion

The great actress Madeleine Marion, resident of the Comédie-
French, has just left us. His name will remain forever linked to that
of Antoine Vitez, also an elder of the Frenchman, of whom he was the administrator
general. We have all been deeply marked by his performance in
the unforgettable «Satin shoe» which, sublimated by Vitez, illuminated in 1987 the
Court of Honor of the Palace of the Popes.
It has also shone under the leadership of many other
stage, such as Roger Planchon, Jean-Pierre Vincent and, more recently, Bob
Wilson, who knew how to highlight the various facets of his talent.
Madeleine Marion had been formed by Béatrix Dussane, another figure of
the House of Molière, before becoming in turn a teacher of a
extraordinary influence, especially loved by her students. She was
of these great artists who also possess this rare gift of transmitting.
His voice will be lacking in our theatre, as it will be for each of us