With Jean Sangnier, in his 100th year, an exemplary and singular figure disappears, who knew how to make the press an effective and peaceful weapon, as a worthy son of Marc Sangnier, one of the founders of Christian democracy and the apostle of Franco-German rapprochement.

History will remember his role at the head of the Groupe de la rue de Lille, one of the first resistance movements in occupied Paris. He was a courageous publisher who published clandestine newspapers such as Christian Witness or l'Humanityand the speeches of General de Gaulle.

He was a «fighter of the press» and accompanied its evolution, since the daily Ouest France that he co-founded in 1944 – one of the first French dailies to have a “society of authors” – until the newspaper Marie France We will remember this man of conviction, one of the most ardent defenders of the European spirit.