Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Jean-Louis Dumas.

With Jean-Louis Dumas disappears an emblem of French luxury, an extraordinary man whose charisma was entirely dedicated to creation and excellence. His name, his person, his frank and humorous verb will remain inseparable from the famous Hermès house of which he had been, for nearly thirty years, a demanding and inventive president and artistic director. Under his watchful guidance, Hermès had become the world group we know, a symbol not only of luxury, but of this subtle art of promoting the expression of all talents and know-how.

A man of taste and culture, passionate about drawing, he knew how to surround creators with the care and consideration they deserved. He did not hesitate to launch bold challenges, as when he invited Jean-Paul Gaultier to reinvent the ready-to-wear women at Hermès.

In each of his explorations, he was accompanied by the great designer Rena Dumas, his wife and muse, who disappeared last year.

Jean-Louis Dumas was devoted all his life to the service of this great house and French creation, whose codes and traditions he was able to renew with an inexhaustible and visionary imagination.