I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jean-Dominique de la Rochefoucauld. With him, cinema loses a screenwriter and a director as brilliant by his prolixity as by his profound subtlety. One owes to his passionate taste for history and literature, a disposition that comes straight from his illustrious ancestry, a number of films wonderfully documented on «La prise du pouvoir par Louis XIV» and «Richelieu ou la journée des dupes», «Blaise Pascal» and “Augustine of Hippo”.

He was also a man of image, deeply concerned by his time and by the demanding message of directors such as Maurice Failevic or Roberto Rossellini, one of whose favorite authors. His spirit of revolt and his cheerful knowledge, will remain for a long time the mark of a certain cinema and a certain television, dear to our hearts.

I express my support for his wife, producer Michèle Podroznik, and his two daughters, Sophie and Cécile de la Rochefoucauld.