We are losing one of the great representatives of Creole, Caribbean and especially Martinique culture. A man of pen and a man of heart, who always knew how to take his risks and went all out to defend the poetic vision and convictions that kept him alive.

But far from living its attachment to the roots as a withdrawal
Edouard Glissant has always lived as a man of openness, in
listening to «world melodies» in all their diversity.
The ambassador of creole was of the same movement a
remarkable ambassador of French culture throughout the world,
in the United States, where he had been a university professor, in
Louisiana, then New York.
Fidelity to his personal history and that of his people was
with a keen sense of dialogue, with a thought attentive to the
profusion of reality, challenging the closed and the final. His essays, his
poems, his novels now belong to the world culture, to
what he called so beautifully the “everyone”.