Roger Diamantis was a formidable promoter of art-house cinema. A man who did not seek his personal glory, but who burned every day to launch the new young authors of our time and their films.

If his name, however beautiful, is known only by a small Parisian circle, the name
on the other hand, «Le Saint André des Arts»,
world. Since its creation in 1971, generations of film buffs continue to
in these small halls of the Latin Quarter, confident in
the quality choices, sometimes economically difficult, of this pioneer in mind
rebel and obstinate. His bets of yesterday are the values of today: Alain
Tanner, Oshima, Ozu, Ken Loach, Wim Wenders, Kieslowski,…all these
wonderful filmmakers whose first works have hatched in these halls
with such a unique charm – which are now renovated.
Roger Diamantis embodied a definition of his own, protective and artisanal,
of research cinema. He sowed and reaped in abundance. May his legacy
continue to pass on to those who invent with grace and audacity,
the cinema of tomorrow.