Robert Laffont just disappeared. With him, he is a publishing giant who left, a staunch defender of literary diversity, who has inherited more than ten thousand titles.

It is in a spirit such as his, open, eclectic and visionary, that
we must have discovered so many new authors and conquered
so many new readers. Without him, without his unique gift to flush out
the talents and highlight them, the masterpieces of masters
as J. D. Salinger, Graham Greene, Dino Buzzati, Mikhail
Bulgakov or Alexander Solzhenitsyn, could not have soon
to nourish our culture, our imagination and our vision of the world. It
has been able to reveal these universes and make them familiar.
With the publication of novels by Bernard Clavel, Gilbert Cesbron and
Henri Charrière in particular, he also contributed to the
renaissance, in France, popular books to great success, and
showed that the value of a work is as much a pleasure of reading as it is
is able to provide for everyone. It is for all readers, what
their horizons, that he created collections like
“Books” or “Pavilions”, both prestigious and popular.
For all of us, the name Robert Laffont will remain
the emblem par excellence of the publisher who has reconciled the requirement, the
quality, and success with all audiences.