A great philosopher and historian has just left us. PierreHadot, professor emeritus at the Collège de France, was one of the best connoisseurs of ancient thought, especially Duneolatonism and Plotinus, Stoicism and Marcus Aurelius.

One of his major works bears the beautiful title of Philosophy
as a way of life», a programmatic title that expresses well
in what spirit Pierre Hadot has, throughout his career, envisaged
his work. In this he was closest to ancient thought itself,
The European Union is committed to its ethical and practical dimension.
The astonishing erudition of Pierre Hadot, his incessant return to these
great thinkers of Antiquity whose great
resources for our modernity, were always driven by desire
help his contemporaries to better face the great challenges of
the existence.
Pierre Hadot never ceased to elevate the thought of his readers and his
listeners. He was a master, whose voice, for a long time to come, will echo
in us.