It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Philippe Séguin, former Minister, former President of the National Assembly and First Speaker of the Court of Auditors.

Beyond the great Republican and statesman of a quality
exceptional commitment and conviction, to which all
men and women politicians in our country pay sincere tribute,
to which I fully associate myself, I wish to greet the man
of letters, author of numerous political essays and a remarkable
biography of Napoleon III. It is in the reflection on the history of our country
that he drew this fidelity to the common good and this vision that
part of our political life.
I also want to pay tribute to the child of Tunisia who remained very attached to his
native land and which was a considerable smuggler between these two countries and the
two shores of the Mediterranean.
I had the good fortune to know this man of values and
character that will remain, for each of us, a landmark.