Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication to Patrick de Saint Eloi

With Patrick de Saint Eloi, disappears a great figure of the music
Caribbean, which will have won and kept the favour of a very
wide, Caribbean of course but beyond, also affecting the public
metropolitan. He is the one whose name remains associated with the Kassav group
and who was one of the pioneers of the so-called Zouk Love music in
the Caribbean. He will remain as the author and performer of a music
catchy and captivating, especially with the title "West Indies", which
marks the first big success of Zouk Love released in 1985 on its 1st
solo album "Mizik Sé Lanmou" (music is love).
1999 was undoubtedly the peak of his career when he
performed in the Olympia’s legendary sold-out hall. More
in recent times, we cannot forget its fruitful collaboration with
the famous Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil, his album Zoukolexion en
2007. He showed all his pleasure to be on stage and his energy
in 2007 at the Zenith in Paris but also in Guadeloupe
in 2008.
Part of a Guadeloupean culture, faithful to its roots and
Caribbean origins, he embodies an artist who while being attached to the
language, has sought to reconcile identity and openness, uniqueness and
universality. For all of us and for his loved ones, he knew perfectly well
combine sincerity and generosity.