A member of the Comédie-Française, where he distinguished himself for twenty years in the greatest roles of the repertoire, Michel Duchaussoy had also established himself in cinema as one of the most brilliant actors of his generation.

Film buffs discovered him in the late sixties, in the very original, powerful and deeply captivating universe of Alain Jessua and his film Killing game. Michel Duchaussoy then became one of Claude Chabrol’s favourite actors. He will be found in The Unfaithful Woman, That the beast die, The Rupture, Just before dark, Nada, and, much later, in The Maid of Honor. Among the great directors who wanted to associate themselves with his rare talent are Yves Robert, Paul Vecchiali, Bertrand Tavernier, Louis Malle and Alain Corneau.

These fine successes in front of the camera never removed Michel Duchaussoy from his first love for the stage. A loyalty rewarded by three Molières, including the last for his unforgettable performance in Phedre, directed by Patrice Chéreau.

Michel Duchaussoy will leave the memory of an actor whose subtlety and great seduction served his incomparable play, witness to the most complex movements of the soul and heart.