Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Jean Ferrat.

With Jean Ferrat, France loses a committed artist with a recognizable voice.

Jean Ferrat leaves the memory of an independent and humanist singer both by the importance of the work he leaves us and by his positions in the social debate.

«Night and fog», «Potemkine», «Comrade», «Ma Môme» or «La Montagne», this was Ferrat’s mixture of political commitment, fraternity and love.

Today we salute an extraordinary career of more than 50 years that began in the Dove and the Alhambra. We will not forget «Elsa’s Eyes», and her interpretation of the poems of Aragon that left their mark on generations.

He was a friend of poets and a remarkable servant of this art, which he managed, like Léo Ferré, to make universal.