Jacques Debary, the legendary commissioner Cabrol who made the fine days of the police series «The Last Five Minutes», has left us.

Inseparable from the fetish he played between 1975 and 1992, he had conquered the hearts of generations of viewers, attached to his familiar moustache and look, curious to see him unravel the darkest intrigues. Always resourceful and charming.

Because his talent as an actor radiated far beyond: on the cinema, with thirty films including «The Thief» by Louis Malle and «The Ghost of Freedom» by Bunuel. On stage, too, where this former schoolteacher became a resident of the Comédie Française was staged at nearly fifty years. An unusual course, started with «Tartuffe» and closed with «An ideal husband» by Oscar Wilde at the age of 84.

Everywhere, in all genres, at all ages, he has made his talent shine in a spirit of sharing and generosity.