With the disappearance of Ernst Beyeler, the artistic scene lost one of its most remarkable figures: a merchant, a patron, a connoisseur gifted with an unregard talent of exceptional acuity that had enabled it to constitute one of the most beautiful collections in the world. I had the pleasure of meeting him again, a few weeks ago, in Basel, where his foundation hosts a wonderful retrospective on the Roseau customs officer.

This passionate and exciting man leaves us as a legacy a foundation
which is among the most remarkable of our time, by the quality of its
collections, of course, but also by the spirit that animates it. We will still have,
in a few weeks, in April, a very good opportunity for us
souvenir of Ernst Beyeler by visiting the exhibition at the Orangerie Museum
“Paul Klee: The Beyeler Collection.”
Ernst Beyeler was an expert who kept the flame until the end,
the enthusiasm of the amateur who never tires of loving.