Elizabeth Taylor was the last star whose romantic life and romantic films formed a single work with magical charm and now legendary.

His filmography forged from a talent recognized since his childhood and
«Fidèle Lassie» covers almost 70 years of the history of cinema. Heroine
Tennessee Williams' flamboyant films with 'Pussy on a roof'
burning» or «Suddenly last summer», incarnation of a «Cleopatra» which made
run more ink and more dollars than any sovereign screen, star
a sensational and exciting series in a series of remarkable films
where were sheltered the passionate feelings that united him to Richard Burton,
Elizabeth Taylor truly made a global audience dream.

She drew as many references and intense moments of the adventure of the
7th Art by turning with the greatest directors, the best
actors of his generation whose catalogue occupies the entire memory of the

Marriages, supposed whims and delays real property, jewelry and
the lavish lifestyle, a whole way of being witnessing a fantastic
appetite whose existence could have shocked the public had it not perceived, in
at the same time, the pains and the health accidents, the falls
and the prodigious «come backs» revealing a humanity and a
unparalleled generosity.

Adorable and bright at her debut at Mervyn Leroy (The four girls of
doctor March) and Minelli (The Father of the Bride), she then conquered a
radiance and amazing strength in transgression and daring,
in her life as well as on the screen. From
the ingenue to the mother courage, from the seducer to the “tamed shrew”,
she was able to embody all facets of femininity in the 20th century.

For more than twenty years, Liz Taylor, a generous woman, had
placed its reputation and aura at the service of the fight against AIDS with
constancy and determination.

A loving and courageous woman, a caring mother of four,
English of Queen-ennobled origin, Elizabeth Taylor was, in private, a
shy and gentle person, cultivating friendship with rare kindness. She
with her this mystery of which she knew how to practice the secrets with a
incomparable grace and brilliance: glamour.