I learn with dismay and deep emotion the news of the disparitionaccidentelle of DJ Mehdi, one of the most dynamic and inspired artists of the young French hip hop and electro scene.

Platinum magician but
also daring producer, virtuoso of the mix of musical genres
completely different, Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, this artist of Tunisian origin
always warm and discreet, had known how to make the music resonate
French-style electro throughout the world. We remember his two
albums, crowned with the Victoires de la musique in 2000:
and so many others who have forever marked the younger generations: “The
Story of Spy”, “Lucky Boy” released in 2006, “Black Bilionaires” with the DJ
British Riton…

Thanks to the importance he gave to the image, to his greed for experiences
new, his music will continue to live for our greatest pleasure, in
films such as Megalopolis or Taxi 3. As well as his face,
eternally young and radiant, on his video «Signature» directed by Romain