With Carlo Fruttero, disappears an admirable writer as Italy knows how to produce it: at the same time great intellectual figure very involved in the cultural and political life of his country, and creator brimming with fantasy and charm. A real Janus bifrons, especially since he teamed up since 1957 with Franco Lucentini, like him pen-pal (died in 2002).

Among several best-sellers such as «L'amant sans domicile fixe» or «Place de Siena», we owe them the famous detective novel «La femme du dimanche», adapted by Luigi Comencini in 1975 with Mastroianni in the role of curator Santamaria.

Between them, they were formidable cultural smugglers, who through their work as translators, adapters and editors, brought to their compatriots the knowledge of authors such as Wilkie Collins or Stevenson. I share the sorrow of our Italian friends, who lose with Carlo Fruttero an irreplaceable painter of their vices but also of their virtues.