With Bernard Coutaz, disappears the father of Harmonia Mundi, one of the most prestigious independent labels in the field of world music publishing.

From the Luberon, this former journalist who loved music and social justice, had built an increasingly prosperous and radiant company, of which he had remained the loving and beloved CEO for over fifty years. Faithful to his first love for ancient and baroque music, in particular, he knew how to attach himself very early the fidelity of the greatest artists.
It was a bold spirit, firmly determined to secure the future of the record worldwide. The many shops open in Europe, such as book publishing, testify to this.
The beautiful name of Harmonia Mundi continues, after him, with his wife Eva, at his side since the beginning, whom he had appointed general manager for several years.
His work continues, thanks to the enthusiasm of his collaborators, all his heirs and the beneficiaries of the company he had built with them.