André Falcon has left us and, with him, a certain image of the absolute actor, of the free artist playing where and as he sees fit, without ever giving up his integrity and the rebellious look that made him nickname «the lion».

Legendary figure of the Comédie Française, of which he had been the youngest Sociétaire and where he remained, for all, a reference: he had become the face and the very voice of the Cid for a whole generation of theater lovers. Beyond his triumphs in many prestigious roles borrowed from the classical and romantic repertoire, André Falcon was not only a huge smuggler of great texts. He knew how to be a popular actor, able to reach a wide audience and to show himself in endearing roles, under the camera of the greatest and in particular Truffaut, Costa-Gavras, Chabrol, Verneuil or Tavernier. Throughout his very long career and even in his last compositions, this former young first had kept the gift of seduction. On each of his roles, also on television, in Commissioner Maigret’s investigations or The Cursed Kings, breathed that air of nobility and freedom which belonged only to him.