On the occasion of this concluding meeting, François Baroin, Minister of Budget, Public Accounts, Public Service and State Reform, and George Tron, Secretary of State to the Minister of Budget, Public Accounts, Public Service and State Reform, responsible for the Public Function, announced the opening of discussions to determine whether the rules for managing contracts in the public service will have to be adapted or not in five areas of activity, including sarcheological searches.

In agreement with Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and
Communication, which had made known all the attention it gives to
conditions of employment of precarious personnel, they announced that from
the signing of this agreement, recruitment will no longer be carried out in
contract of activity (CDA) within the National Research Institute
archaeological (Inrap), and that the experimental device provided by law
of February 17, 2009, will be repealed as part of the
legislative translation of the agreement. Activity contracts that started before the
April 1, 2011 will come to an end.

The Minister of Culture and Communication also
receive assurances that the volume of employment available is maintained
to carry out its missions. An increase of 150 jobs
of the NPRI cap was announced on March 7.

Trade union organisations and public employers must give
Response on their intention to sign the draft agreement by March 31, date
withholding for his signature.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication will lead in the next
in conjunction with the trade union organisations, work on the developments
to be made to Decree No. 2002-450 of 2 April 2002 laying down provisions
applicable to INRAP staff, in light of general developments in
public service contracts and institutional requirements.