The music map website is evolving and complements its offer with a new platform.

The new site ergonomics allow more efficient navigation and
convenient. The user now gets his music card in 3 clicks:
- connects to the site and chooses its offer
- completes and validates the registration form
- the code or codes corresponding to its offers are displayed

The user can then visit the platforms chosen for
activate its codes and make its payment.

On the other hand, the interactive web radio by atmosphere
arrives on the site of the music card and enriches the offer of platesformes.
A mobile version of the site will be implemented in the
coming weeks.

The music card
First proposal of the report «Creation and Internet», this map
line is a measure of awareness of new uses and
legal modes of online music consumption and compliance
the work of artists and authors.

By registering at, each
subscriber constitutes his music card by choosing between
credits of 5, 10 or 25 and about twenty € platforms on
use them. The State doubles the amount of appropriations, in a
limit of 25 € per card. Valid for one year, the music card may be
charged as long as the €50 purchase, including the subsidy, is not