The five members of the working group set up in December 2009 to complete the discussion on the development conditions of Agence France-Presse have submitted their recommendations on the development conditions of Agence France-Presse (AFP).

In December 2009, the working group led by Henri Pigeat,
Michèle Cotta, Fabrice Boé, Jean-Marie Colombani and Francis Teitgen,
was asked by Frédéric MITTERRAND to establish a diagnosis of the
current situation of AFP, the economic context in which it
and its positioning in a competitive environment
He asked the committee to put into perspective the
Agency’s development plan and funding related to its
contract of objectives and means 2009-2013; and to identify the
principles of governance guaranteeing both independence
AFP editorial and the means of its economic development.
They were finally responsible for enlightening the government on the conditions
in which AFP will have to evolve its structure and therefore its
legal status.
The Minister of Culture and Communication called the
committee to be inventive in terms of the structure of
funding, by proposing measures to modernize
the Agency in fidelity to what has made its success since its
origins: respect for editorial independence and pluralism, the
continuous coverage of world news, the double refusal of any
and of course, the reaffirmation of its
missions of general interest.
Frédéric MITTERRAND confirmed his determination to commit to
the road to reform the Agency, which is primarily based on project
clear future allowing it to sustain its place at the highest level
global. He wants to give himself time for a thorough review of
recommendations before they are made public after the
new President of AFP. A think tank should be
then quickly set up with the parliament so that
examined the committee’s proposals in detail.