Bruno Mantovani is a former student of the CNSMDP where he won five prizes. He was also a resident of the Académie de France in Romeen 2004-2005.

Internationally renowned composer, he is performed in the
world by the artists, ensembles and orchestras most
prestigious. Currently composer-in-residence of the Orchestra
national of Lille, it will be in the orchestra of the Capitole of Toulouse
from 2011.
Passionate about the relationship between music and other forms
of artistic expression, he regularly works with writers
like Hubert Nyssen, plastic artists like Claude Lévêque, but
choreographers, filmmakers, or the cook Ferran Adrià.
With the choreographer Angelin Prejlocaj, he created this year for the Opera
ballet Siddharta. His next project is a
commissioned by the Ensemble Modern, to be directed by Pierre Boulez.