Exhibitions until 3 February 2011 in the windows of the Royal Palace

Until February 3, 2011, the Ministry of Culture and Communication
showcases of the Royal Palace and the Valois Gallery, two exhibitions showcasing the
young talents from the world of fashion.

Supported by the Department and ELLE magazine, “New Fashion Talent” is a
programme to support young creators. Following a selection by a jury,
whose result will be revealed in May at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, the creators
will benefit from this programme from a venue in Paris to show their work, a
support by professionals, visibility in the ELLE magazine and on a
online sales platform, and an advance fund on revenues set up by the ministry
Culture and Communication. As a starting point for this operation, 10
creators exhibit their work in windows. Have been selected:
- Gustavo Lins
- Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor
- Bouchra Jarrar
- Maxime Simoëns
- Rabih Kayrouz
- Julien Fournié
- Anthony Vaccarello
- Calla Haynes
- Alexandre Vauthier

With «Shadows in the Shadows» the Mediterranean Fashion House celebrates
its first promotion of designers trained within the creative house:
- Ronal Abdala
- Amina Agueznay
- Baraa
- Eymèle Burgaud
- José Castro
- Paolo Errico
- Aleksandar Protic
From June to December 2010, they attended workshops on the various components of their
and be accompanied in their work by a sixty speakers. To close
this adventure, they chose a piece of an iconic designer in the collections of the
Fashion Museum of Marseille to reinterpret and display it today in the windows.

«New Fashion Talents 2011» - «Shadows in the Air»
Until 3 February 2011
Showcases of the Royal Palace and the Valois Gallery
Ministry of Culture and Communication
Metro line 1 Palais Royal – Louvre Museum
Garden opening hours: 7.30am/ 8.30pm