Exhibition from 15 February to 15 March 2011 at the Ministry of Culture and Communication

On the occasion of the transition to all-digital television in Ile-de-France the Ministry
Culture and Communication, in partnership with the G.I.P.
France Télé Numérique and the National Audiovisual Institute, February 15
as of March 15, 2011, the exhibition De l'analogique au tout numérique, une
a brief history of television broadcasting in France».

In France, the end of analog broadcasting and the switch to television all
region. The process has begun and is being
2009 and the next deadline is of major and symbolic importance
On 8 March, Paris, the Ile-de-France and its 12 million inhabitants will pass through
digital television. This transition is an equivalent
from black and white to colour. This era is not just technological
: the transition to digital television constitutes a phenomenon
which affects all French people in their daily lives, notably by providing
expanded channel offering (from 6 to 19 free national channels), a
better quality of sound and image as well as the generalization of broadcasting
in H.D.

To mark the importance of this event, the Ministry of Culture and
the Communication present, in the building of the Good Children, seat of the ministry,
the reconstitution of four “family salons” from the 1950s to our
The European Parliament’s Committee on Culture, Youth, Education and the Media, and the Committee on Culture, Youth, Youth, Education and the Media, will discuss the development of television broadcasting.
A guaranteed atmosphere thanks to the many and exceptional archives of
the INA, broadcast for the occasion on television stations of associated times
pieces of furniture and decorations from the different periods concerned.
Everyone, by walking in these spaces will be able to measure how fast
the history of television continues and how much the transition to the digital all
will remain one of his great moments.

«From analog to all digital»
A brief history of television broadcasting in France
Until 15 March 2011
Ministry of Culture and Communication
Bons-Enfants building
182 rue Saint-honoré, Paris 1st
Metro line 1 Royal Palace - Louvre Museum
Monday to Friday
9 am to 7 pm