On the occasion of the Artissima evening which will take place this evening at the headquarters of the employers' organization, Laurence Parisot, President of MEDEF, and Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, will sign a memorandum of understanding to promote dialogue between the economic and cultural worlds.

This unprecedented convention sets out the first common lines of action and reflection that will be
works in the next three years:
- Establish a shared diagnosis of the situation of the culture economy in France, with the objective of
clarify the challenges in terms of competitiveness and attractiveness;
- Analyse how culture can be an engine of growth, creating added value and jobs;
- Support cultural sponsorship of companies;
- Carry out, wherever possible, joint initiatives in the territories, particularly by developing
cooperation between territorial MEDEF and DRAC;
- To support, in particular by means of information and promotion measures aimed at companies, the future
Cultural Sharing Initiative, the idea of which was launched by the Ministry of Culture and
the Communication.

For the MEDEF, Laurence Parisot entrusted to Pierre Fonlupt, President of the Commission Nouveaux dialogues, the
implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects carried out under this partnership. At the Ministry of
Culture and Communication, it is the mission of sponsorship that will be responsible for facilitating this collaboration, in
Liaison with other departments of the department.

Moreover, in order to reaffirm their support for the development of patronage, particularly cultural patronage, Frédéric
Mitterrand and Laurence Parisot wished to sign tonight, in front of the 500 companies participating in the evening, the
Charter of corporate philanthropy of ADMICAL, in the presence of the president of the association, Olivier Tcherniak.