2,200 participating gardens 400 exceptionally open gardens 16 open gardens for the first time4,000 animations organised throughout France1.8 million visitors

Created at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and
Communication, «Rendez-vous aux jardins», with the theme
This year, the “Garden Garden Garden”, once again won a
According to the figures revealed by the 5th UNEP-Ipsos survey, entitled
The French dream garden», 1 in 3 French dream of a garden
vegetable or fruit garden.
The public confirmed their interest in gardens by visiting
the 2200 public and private gardens open throughout France and
participate in the 4,000 activities offered: guided tours,
exhibitions, demonstrations of know-how, composting, workshops
gardening, conferences, etc.
In Paris, in the gardens of the Royal Palace, the garden
from 30 May to 5 June, brought together
thousands of walkers. The 3,000 plants of vegetables, plants
Aromatics and flowers were sold for the benefit of «Jardins et Santé».
This charity aims to fund scholarships
clinical research on brain disease and to fund the
creation of therapeutic gardens in hospitals, in
retirement homes or medical-educational institutions.
Friday, June 3, especially reserved for
was an opportunity to organize specific activities
for school children and give a spotlight on
organized events, for the young audience, throughout
the year, notably in the context of Cities and Countries and Art and
So in Lorient, in the gardens of the Hotel Gabriel the children
made square vegetable gardens and brought products to the
house; in Franche-Comté, the town of Grand Charmont has
organized visits for schoolchildren in communal gardens
and families by presenting the history of vegetables from the
Montbéliard and their use; in Poitou-Charentes, gardens
of Saint-Fiacre have sensitized adult and junior audiences,
school and peri-school organic gardening, in Provence-Alpes-Côte
of Azur, the garden of Princess Pauline in Grasse
around workshops on soil preparation and
planting of a vegetable garden; finally in the Rhône-Alpes, the garden of
ripaille castle.
In Thonon les Bains, children were trained in an initiatory process
entitled «from seed to plate» through the gardens of the estate and
soup tasting.
On Saturday and Sunday, a large audience was received in the gardens
private and public and was able to participate in the 4,000 animations offered.
In the Park of the Priory of Cons-la-Granville in Meurthe-et-
Moselle, gardeners, amateurs or professionals, explained their
know-how and communicated the tricks of a successful nurturing garden; to
Lille, the conservatory of the Vauban garden, has proposed
introductory workshops on fruit trees and gardening
in the Loiret, the vegetable garden of the Jardin de la Bussière,
guided tours on the themes 'friends and enemies of the
garden», and potting workshops for children and parents;
Cognac in Poitou-Charentes, in the park of the castle of
Bagnolet, owned by Moët Hennessy, the outdoor projection of the
film Barry Lyndon and classical music concerts in the parks
and gardens of Moët & Chandon and Hennessy Houses, in Epernay and
Cognac filled up, finally in Paris the gardens of the Musée du Quai
Branly, carried out with the support of GDF SUEZ, proposed the
Garden of Tales», for a gentle journey in the nomadic universe
from the wisdom of the world to the myth of creation.
Important social issue the garden garden expressed values
of solidarity and sharing in particular: «the workers' gardens»,
Montbéliard gathered many visitors around vegetable gardens
with exhibitions, “the workers' gardens of virtues” in
Aubervilliers en Seine Saint Denis, proposed a walk to the
heart of the 83 vegetable gardens of the association with meeting of
gardeners and presentation of different varieties of vegetables and
fruit they grow, both for the pleasure of gardening and to provide
food needs of their loved ones. In the Gardens
Family, Sharing and Integration”, in Rillieux-la-Pape in the
Rhône, the public could discover family gardens and gardens
shared at the foot of buildings as well as a social and
and participate in the various activities organized on the
culture modes in collective projects.
“Go to the gardens” is part of the policy in favor of
parks and gardens led by the Ministry of Culture and
Communication around the following axes: protection and
restoration of historic gardens, the award of the label «Garden
the implementation and generalization of “management plans”
», the training of professionals and the transfer of know-how
gardening craft, promoting young landscape designers.
The Minister of Culture and Communication, has chosen to
the 2012 edition of «Rendez-vous aux jardins» the theme «images
“Go to the gardens” will then celebrate its tenth
The “Rendez-vous aux jardins” are organized by the
Culture and Communication (Directorate-General for
heritage, regional cultural affairs directorates) in
collaboration with the Comité des parcs et jardins de France, the
Historic House, the Old French Houses, the Centre des
national monuments and, exceptionally this year,
the Association des jardiniers de France.
GDF SUEZ, Moët Hennessy and the National Union of
Landscape Entrepreneurs (UNEP) are the sponsors of this
new edition.
My Garden & Home, Metro, France Inter and France 3 are the
media partners.