On 16 June 2011, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, chaired the session of resumption of the work of the Higher Council of Literary and Artistic Property (CSPLA), in order to launch the collective work on the important projects that will make it possible to make the principles of copyright live in the digital age.

The CSPLA, created in 2001, is responsible to the Minister of Culture and
Communication of a study mission, advice and proposal on
copyright and related rights. It brings together, in addition to
eight experts in the field, all stakeholders:
rights holders in all their diversity, broadcasters and consumers in the
different sectors of cultural creation, from books to audiovisual, passing
arts, press and music. CSPLA is chaired by
Mrs Sylvie Hubac, State Councillor, and her Vice-President is Mrs
Anne-Élisabeth Crédeville, advisor to the Court of Cassation.

After an overview of current issues and the hearing
Marie-Françoise Marais, President of the High Authority for
dissemination of works and protection of rights on the Internet (HADOPI), the
CSPLA provided an update on its recent and ongoing work: mission on law
Commission on the Liability of Technical Intermediaries and
Commission on the situation of rights in the event of liquidation of the companies
audiovisual production.

Discussions on the new work programme have highlighted the importance of
that there would be priority for the Board to work on the following three topics:
orphan works under the proposed Community Directive
published on May 24, the contract for publishing in the digital age, in
first in the field of books, and finally the legal issues of the
literary and artistic property posed by cloud computing (cloud

CSPLA will meet again in plenary in October and
will, on this occasion, make an initial assessment of the work
the interval contribute its members.