Paris, 14 December

Mr President, Members of the European Parliament
MP Patrick Bloch; I did not wait for you to mobilize for the
press, contrary to what you seem to be saying. Never has the state
reformed the press sector so quickly and so profoundly
communication and media are facing a digital revolution without
previous. The State has allocated nearly 580 million euros in resources
news over three years. The press reported promising results
contrary to what you say; followers of cultural depression
continued. The press reported promising results. Recovery
sales of the sector in 2010. Sales figures
increase in the national daily press; general increase in the press
in this climate it is certain that a number of
problems. The Tribune, for example, has proven
since its inception, it has contributed significantly to the economic information of
quality. But it never reached financial equilibrium. Twenty or so
not two proposals have been submitted to date, some of which propose a
immediate model. This is encouraging about the quality and credibility of the title.

Yes, Mr. Bloch, there were two proposals, there are now twenty. The
things are moving in a positive direction and that is partly because the
Ministry of Culture and Communication, which I have the honour to serve,
takes care of it. As for France Soir. France Soir undergoes
consequences of a crisis we have known for twenty years. And
the 70 million injected by Mr Pougatchev did not
allowed to right the title. France Soir is also a brand. A brand
which belongs to the memory of the whole of France and in this respect I insist
Pougatchev to take into account all the
difficulties, especially those of journalists for whom we have
created a specific cell with an agreement signed with two departments
to help them find a job as soon as possible.